Internal Customer Service

Target group: ALL employees.

Course outcomes:   Learners will be able to explain the importance of good internal customer service. and demonstrate the skills and knowledge of effective internal customer service principles, Improve service levels, Create a service culture and Achieve strategic priorities.

NQF Level 3

Duration: 14 Hours

Price on request (Min 5 Max 20 delegates)

Course contents:

Day One:

v  Getting to Know What You Know

v  What Drives the Company and What Drives You?

v  Similar & Different – Internal and External Customers

v  What is Your Customer Saying?

v  Customer Centered Service, Forging the Value Chain.

v  The Cycle of Service

v  Using New Insights to Add Value

v  Poor Service: The Cost of Breaking the Value Chain

v  Expectations: Experience Enhancers and detractors

v  Stop, Change or Continue

v  Service Levels and Commitments

v  Assignment:

Day Two:

v  Warm-up and Assignment Review

v  Polishing Up Your Attitude

v  Dealing with Customer’s Difficulties or Just Difficult Customers

v  Empathise & Analyse to maximize Service

v  Problem solving: Turning Complaints into Action

v  The Telephone; Useful Tool or Dangerous Weapon

Programme Review

v  Personal Action Plan

Support learning material

v  Delegate workbook

vVideo Presentation

v  Assessment - Personal Action Plan

v  Customised PowerPoint presentation


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