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Cultivating Excellence

Target group: All young managers and personnel

Course outcome: This programme provides young people with some basic building blocks as a framework from which to explore and be their own person.

The modules include:

Appearance: You are sized up within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone. We explore the impact of our appearance and how to take corrective measures. This includes self-esteem and social skills.

Values: Articulating our values and beliefs is never an easy thing to do but understanding them is crucial to grasping what we hold dear, why we act or react in certain ways, and what drives our decision-making. Being true to our values helps us feel that we’re living in balance, but going against them makes us feel as if we’re not being true to ourselves.

Personal Branding: In the same way that a successful business differentiates itself from its competitors, so successful individuals need to understand their branding potential to differentiate themselves from their peers.

Communication: The art of communication is one of the most basic of our survival skills. It includes speaking, listening, negotiating, empathy, body language, barriers, assertiveness and others.

Emotional Intelligence: Self-understanding, how to manage emotions and impulses better, how to empathise and get along with others all forms part of emotional intelligence. It is also the basis for peak performance and mental ‘toughness’ – the keys to greatness.

The “Success” Mind-set: Effective life management skills focus on making the future bigger than the past. This includes time-keeping skills, specific goal-setting, and continuous learning with a view to helping young people understand and strive for self-actualisation.

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