BTC Training (Africa) Pty Limited is a progressive and dynamic South African company that forms part of the international  company - BTC Group, specialising in the design and production and delivery of crime prevention training, seminars, procedural manuals and associated products.

BTC Training is the copy right owner and pioneer of the internationally acclaimed ‘Ban Crim’ armed robbery survival skills and anti hijack training programmes.

Accredited by the SASSETA as an institution delivering quality education and training in line with the criteria specified by SAQA

BTC Training has an extensive range of cost-effective, high-quality crime prevention training programmes, products and services focusing on the safety of all employees in the workplace, the protection of company assets and the reduction of crime against companies and their staff.

Crime Prevention that Works

BTC Africa can conduct on site surveys and audits or alternatively, survey guides can be provided for completion by client.

Consultancy Services

Theft and Fraud Identification Kits,  Risk Management Survey Forms and Hostage checklists are available from BTC Training.

BTC Products

Our aim is to equip every person in the workplace with skills that will empower people to enhance safety and productivity in the workplace, assist law enforcement agencies in the successful apprehension and prosecution of offenders and create pro-active awareness to assist in reducing crime within business and the community.

Skills Development that Empowers


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